Gives your money a lovely home

Your cash did not come easy. It took hours of blood and sweat to come by. It’s only right that you give your money (paper or plastic) the home it deserves. A premium, handcrafted leather wallet fits the bill perfectly. Pun intended. ;)




You may not be a big shot yet. But it does help to start behaving like one. Practise does make perfect. Right? Nothing says billionaire-classy like a genuine leather wallet does.

Believe. Perform. Stay Classy.


Makes an impression

A wallet is something that you carry everywhere. It stays with you all day, every day. A wallet is an extension of your personality. A good leather wallet is a great way to show those around you that you’re suave, sophisticated, timeless and so much more.



In the digital age, a fat wallet is not necessarily a good thing. A good wallet stores only the essentials. Zero excess baggage. It is designed to hold exactly what you need. A high functional wallet functions efficiently and keeps transactions quick and sharp.


Tells your story

If there is one accessory that can tell your story, it is a wallet. Whether it was a board room meeting or a motorbike trip across the Himalayas, your wallet has always been with you. All those wrinkles and scars on a wallet are testimonies of the many adventures you’ve had. A good leather wallet lasts a lifetime. Make sure that your life’s story is worth telling.