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Leather Jacket Care

Theo&Ash jackets are made with the highest grade leather and the best quality seams and accessories by expert craftsmen. To preserve the Theo&Ash leather jackets in their best form, it is vital to take a few easy steps. We take pride in the fact that Theo&Ash jackets are low maintenance.

Leather Care
Leather conditioners
  • Leather conditioners are used to soften, condition and waterproof leather products. They also help keeping the jacket looking new. Leather conditioners are different from polishes.
  • Dubbin is an inexpensive and commonly found leather conditioner that works perfectly for Theo&Ash leather jackets
Dry and wet weather care
  • Leather may start to crack in dry weather. This can be prevented with the use of leather conditioners.
  • Under wet conditions water proof sprays or creams protect the jacket from moisture. Conditioning the jacket with a leather conditioner is recommended after the application of the water proofing agent
  • Leather is prone to spotting when it comes in contact with water. It is important that a leather jacket does not get wet. However, if the jacket comes in contact with water, it needs to be dried out at room temperature with gentle air. Use of hair dryers or other sources of hot air directly on the jacket may cause the jacket to shrink
Cleaning a leather jacket
  • Dry dust can be brushed off using a soft cloth or a leather care brush
  • Dirt on the leather jacket can be cleaned by gentle brushing with a mildly damp towel
  • Salt causes leather to crack. The best way to clean salt off a leather jacket is by wiping it with a damp sponge. Salt needs to be wiped off before it dries. Use of leather conditioners, post wiping off is recommended
Suede jacket care

Suede jackets are soft leather jackets.  Gentle brushing of the jacket keeps the grains of the jacket smooth and even. Use of suede leather brushes for this is recommended.

Folding and storing a leather jacket
  • How a leather jacket is stored is important to preserving its look and feel. Leather jackets must not be folded or wrapped carelessly.
  • The best way to store a leather jacket by hanging it on a wide padded hanger
  • Jackets can be folded, but care must be taken not to press down on them to avoid creasing
  • Leather needs to breathe. Avoid using plastic bags to store leather jackets. Leather jackets are best stored in cloth bags
  • Creases on a leather jacket can be removed by hanging them out in the bathroom after a hot shower. The steam helps remove creases and wrinkles
  • If ironing of a leather jacket is required, it must be done by placing a thick sheet of paper between the iron and the jacket. Direct exposure of leather jackets to heat is not advised

It is recommended that leather jackets are taken to leather care professionals from time to time to preserve the jackets in their best form.