From a rock star to a biker, everyone wants a leather jacket. Part rebellious, part allure, part feasibility, leather jackets can serve many intents. Nothing truly completes an outfit on-screen or off-screen than a classic leather jacket. Whether warming the back of a smooth saver of the day or amplifying the ruggedness of a superhero, the jackets worn by our much-loved film characters manage to say more about them than any other article of clothing seen on-screen.

Today, we break down the most notable and of course, stylish and most iconic leather jackets in the movie history.

  • Indiana Jones in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’



Harrison Ford has always embodied effortless manliness. His Indiana Jones bomber leather jacket is just as effortless as him. Along with the wide-brimmed hat and bull-whip, this leather jacket is the key to the look of Indiana Jones. This distressed, well-worn brown jacket is idealistic for the tough archaeologist who loves adventures. It is perfectly designed and styled to match his enthusiasm and profession just like this one.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘The Terminator’


As a time-traveling cyborg, it only makes sense that Arnold would don an iconic black leather jacket like this one. If you recall, you’ll remember that he actually steals this leather jacket from a biker in the movie. This asymmetrical styled jacket, inspired by the jacket worn by Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”, has now become one of the coolest outfit placement in any movie. The Terminator is probably one of most recognized characters in the world and it’s all due to his distressed yet chic leather jacket that says danger like no other.


  • Star-Lord in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


Chris Pratt’s character of Star-Lord, the cunning space traveler, is identified by his grid-textured red leather jacket. This racer jacket is an updated version for today’s future’s future and is perfectly placed in the intergalactic sci-fi while being cool at the same time. The jacket’s sleek collarless feature and color blend perfectly with the futuristic world he lives in. Grab a similar jacket here.


  • Tyler Durden in ‘The Fight Club’


While this is an obvious choice, there’s a good reason for it. This 70s throwback-style, rust grungy leather car coat captured the entire mood of the film, and of course Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden. Both the character and jacket epitomize power, confidence and the aura of “an ideal man.” While it may be hard to pull off this look in real life, it’s also one of the most coveted jackets. 


  • Maverick in ‘Top Gun’


Tom Cruise’s character Maverick is a true hero, competing to be in class at the Top Gun Naval Flying School. And as the ultimate hero, he dons the ideal heroic leather jacket as well. This Navy G-1 bomber jacket has a shearling collar and embroidered patched that signifies our hero’s achievements in the military. This bomber flawlessly combines the character’s love for military, motorcycles and flying. Look cool in such bomber jackets as you fly through the roads.


Being a hero or antihero can be challenging, but thankfully, their leather jackets never fail in making them look cool.


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