Crafted to Perfection

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

We made these shoes to make you feel like your feet are in the clouds. Specifically designed for the Indian man’s feet, these shoes are made using specially developed lasts with a roomier base. The sole is made of super elastic rubber / PU to ensure that you literally have a spring in your step. Through our research we figured that all these gel cushions are just marketing gimmicks that just add weight to the shoes. So we made our shoes light, comfortable and perfectly suited for the Indian man.

Ultra Luxurious Leathers 

Every time we saw those lovely Bottega Veneta loafers our hearts skipped a beat. But then, we also needed to sell our kidney and 2 limbs for a pair of those shoes.       So we took it upon ourselves to use only supremely luxurious leather in our shoes so that the aam aadmi gets a feel of super luxuy. We found a brilliant source in good old Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. Only the most amazing full grain leathers are used to make Theo&Ash shoes. The leathers we use are the same that are being used for the biggest global leather shoe brands. The butter soft suede and super smooth napa feel like a dream. Words fail to describe the quality of these pieces of ar


Styled to bedazzle

Shoes by Theo&Ash were made to showcase timeless style and exquisite craftsmanship. Every style featured in the catalogue is the product of focussed research and detailed study. We took the efforts to study thousands of shoes and zeroed in on the best and most loved styles. Took us a while but it was well worth the effort. Shoes by Theo&Ash are guaranteed to be the showstoppers of every outfit you pair them with. 



Ethically Sourced

Just like every other product available on, the shoes by Theo&Ash conform to the strictest environmental, ethical and quality standards. Our tanneries are continually audited and are certified to be non-polluting. The leather that we use is a by-product of the meat industry. None of the leathers we use are from animals that are slaughtered for leather. We make a conscious effort to employ certified professionals of employable age and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, faith, colour, creed or caste. We are proud that there are smiles all around at our factory. Safe to say that your conscience can be crystal clear when you use these shoes by Theo&Ash. 



What’s the point of making the best available shoes if only a handful of privileged (snooty :p) people can only use them? We’re proud of our creations and want as many people as possible to experience Theo&Ash. All our products are manufactured by us or by close sister concerns helping us keep the price very low and the quality super high. There is no middle man. You’re NOT going to find this sort of luxury at a better price. That’s a challenge.

One thing now left to do - Experiencing the beauty that a shoe by Theo&Ash is. What are you waiting for?